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Phenomenal woman, All you women, and me. He started with the positive, as all good…. There are subtleties of course that those with an experienced eye might see e. She knows best. Female led relationships need an idea to push it into the mainstream. Is there such a thing as too much strapon training? I will attempt to put a new blog up soon but for now…Kyle and I are happier and closer than ever. What you can do Reblog this and add some names of blogs you follow, recommend, etc. The dirt we walk on provides a medium for the plants that provide food, and the air we breathe. What do i have to do? Is it possible to be dominated by a mistress or woman and then go back to normal way of life after the sex stuff is over. When her husband began resisting her domination and control, Debra decided it was time to put him in his place and teach him a lesson he would never forget. We have intimate memories, in-jokes, odd gestures that give us these private little moments that pass between us even in company. Reblog this and add some names of blogs you follow, recommend, etc.

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However, in my experience a strong woman in the bedroom is usually strong woman in general. It depends, really. Sweet mother of God. Just in case you need to be reminded! There are subtleties of course that those with an experienced eye might see e. Always interested, D. A FLR can be designed to empower both partners. Ooh, this is a good one. Paperback available here.

But for the love of God, use the proper word. So few people are exposed to it and that needs to change. Little did he realise that she had no intention of ever letting him have a sex life again - she would keep him permanently chaste, whilst demanding regular oral worship for her own fulfilment. Clearly self confident and sexual as all get out. And a caring and loving wife who can deliver it. Everything I see is all contracts and total all the time role. Silly sissy! There are clearly no hats in this photo. View On WordPress. I ad-libbed the audio, and then wrote a story about it, a story that mirrors what I was thinking as I recorded it. Woman worshiper. A mis pies encontraras paz y plenitud. Posts Archive. I have transferred this whole blog safely over to a new home at 2mblr. Ein Mann kann zwar keine Gedanken lesen.

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  • And a caring and loving wife who can deliver it.
  • And a caring and loving wife who can deliver it.
  • I mean…gorgeous woman.
  • I really miss what tumblr used to be.
  • Start with the rulescome back June 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!
  • This way we can keep it going and discovering new blogs!

A FLR can be designed to empower both partners. Submission has value, and a domme should recognize this value and use his submission to empower him, to be a better man, not just for her, but for himself as well. She can use his submissive desire to help him accomplish his dreams. Dominance does not mean superior, and submission does not mean inferior. Sure it can turn us on to use dominance and submission in this way, but that does not serve a practical lifestyle, and is not seen as normal behavior. The public is not consenting to this kind of behavior, so there is no need to expose them to it. A domme simply needs to give him something to respect. It turns so many potential dommes off the idea before they even think to be curious enough to want to try it. A domme must give a submissive something to respect, something to strive for, to know his worth. He needs to feel that his submission is enhancing and improving her life. Which will make him feel better as a submissive, accepted, safe, loved, cherished. He will be willing to do anything for her, in a positive empowered way, as he can be true to himself, feeling worth it. Not a domme that demands a sub prove his worth, but a domme that gives him something to respect and submit to. This will change the standards that men have, and they will have to raise their standards to meet her. Instead of a domme demanding he prove his worth, which only degrades him by making him submit because it turns him on, she can offer him her dominance, which is equally as valuable as his submission.

Adoring A Domme Wife

Yes absolutely. Only weak, pathetic men would ever think about using tumbrl violence against a woman. This is soooo true. There is no nagging in My home, and never has been. Ein Mann kann zwar keine Gedanken lesen. Posts Archive. And a caring and loving wife who can deliver it.

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Domme wife tumblr. See, that’s what the app is perfect

Sweet mother of God. The tumlr should be severely chastised. Grammar, spelling and punctuation all seem in order here. But the verbiage merits correction. Anorexics with fake breasts mistakenly believe that is the ideal. They love the idea of the Dom,e dominatrix. Disparaging a woman because of her matronly appearance is shows immaturity and a misunderstanding of what cuckolding and feminine allure is about for legions of males. Damn it. Five points if you can identify it. First of all, let me say that Editor Domme loves the devotionalsex tumblr with a fiery passion. Such an elegant, beautifully written set of posts enhances the world.

So, since this is all about building a sense of community and creating together a space for free expression, I decided to take initiative and to start our own sort of femdom-archive: a collaborative one. I just listed a few blogs that came to my mind which post content related to female domination in different formats from femdom and female-led, to femme fatale aesthetics, role reversal, etc. Apart from the basics e.

How my life has changed over the last 2 years is indescribable. Need nasty messages NOW!!! Clearly self confident and sexual as all get out.

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Jun 25,  · Adoring A Domme Wife The tales of a happy submissive husband (me) who adores an absolutely amazing Wife (J). Tuesday, June 25, Cognitive Dissonance. The other night J and i were having a lovely quiet evening at home. She was lying on the couch and i was gently massaging Her feet off and on as She desired while we watched a movie. Loving Domme Wife, Loving Sissy Husband. February 14, By richardevanslee 9 Comments. Most Romantic Femdom Marriage. Voloh. Marcie’s dynamism found an oasis in life with Dennis. No husband has ever been more attentive. Dennis loves to massage his wife’s feet. Her sexual pleasure is the source of his. He frequently visited Tumblr and. Confessions of a Dominant Wife Along the way I was a phone Mistress, a pro Domme, and a movie reviewer for a popular femdom e-zine. I met some fascinating people on this journey and had some interesting experiences. I figured people would enjoy reading about them.

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